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    BENTLEY BENTAYGA 12V ( 2 X 6V ) 2.4 G

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    For ages 1 to 7 years.


    Luxury electric car for kids with the official license of the brand Bentley. This car is a replica of the Bentley Bentayga with a robust appearance and a sporty interior. It is a car with a superb finish with the quality that you would expect from a car licensed by a brand as luxurious as a Bentley.


    With seat in leather, suspension 4-wheel, rubber casters flat-free, remote control 2.4 G to avoid interference with other cars, connector jack for MP3, sounds pre-recorded and 2 powerful motors that provide greater traction make this model a great choice of purchase.

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    • 250 char. max
    COLORS :

    - Remote radio control 2.4 G with output soft
    - Automatic brake to stop accelerating
    - Dashboard with connection jack, bluetooth and micro SD card
    - Swinging doors
    - Steering wheel with buttons
    - LED lights.
    - Red rear lights. White lights and front orange lights on the sides.
    - Mirrors fixed.
    - Front and rear lights
    - Connector jack for MP3, sounds and pre-recorded music
    - Rubber casters flat-free (EVA)
    - Seat in leather with safety belt from 3 points of anchorage and head restraints
    - Rear suspension
    - Indicator of battery charge
    - 2 batteries 6V/7Ah
    - 2 Motors 12V
    - Start button
    - Number of gears 3 forward 1 back
    - 1 Square


    Wheel diameter: 27cm

    Width of the wheels 10cm


    Dimensions of seat: 34cm (w) x 19cm (length) x 32cm (high)


    Measures of the cabin: 40cm (width) x 50cm (high)

    Distance from the backrest to the dashboard: 45cm

    Distance of the support to the accelerator: 50cm

    Distance of the support to the wheel: 29cm

    Product dimensions 78cm (w) x 126cm (length) x 60cm (high)
    Box dimensions 126 * 65 * 46 cm
    Weight box car / 25.5 kg / 20 kg


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