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  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )
  • FIGHTER CHILD-12V ( 2 X 6V )


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Spectacular electric car that imitates a plane F-18 in colour is white, with everything essential for lovers of speed and the aircraft, with remote r/c for control on the part of the parents, twin engine 12 v, with two batteries of 6 v .

Suspension system front and rear for a more comfortable driving.

Ideal for kids 2-5 years.


Button starter switch that simulates the actual noise power out of the car and several tunes on the dashboard.
Dashboard illuminated
Horn sound and acceleration of the car in steering wheel (stand-alone, with batteries)
Colored lights flashing (impact swivel) on the back side (reactor) and under the wings, (rocket launcher)
Back and forward
Audio system integrated on the new Dashboard with connector for MP3 with volume control and FM Radio
Battery charge indicator with digital voltmeter (digit between 10 and 14 (maximum).
The vehicle comes equipped standard with remote control 2.4 G, which can manage to stop it and to turn to the left and right in RC mode and push-button emergency stop in manual mode.

Remote control 2.4 G

For the aircraft to operate in RC mode, the switch of the drive of the forward/stop/backward (forward/stop/backward) must be in the central position is neutral (stop), and in another case, the child can lead.
In manual mode, the car has selective memory thanks to the control 2.4 G of this model, in such a way that "remembers" the latest speed with which it is being conducted, and is the one that starts up in manual mode. Then the gear can be increased from the remote control 2.4 G, and if the father puts the maximum speed, that is that the vehicle will go, as always there will be no change. That is to say, in manual mode, both the speed and the emergency stop are in the manual control 2.4 G making it one of the safest vehicles on the market. The reaching distance of the remote control RC depending on the potential for interference (not the same as an open space, which closed with many objects, can be between 15 and 20 meters.
Battery 2 x 6V 7 AH)
2 motors 12V 20-45W
Safety belt
Battery charging on the plug that simulates the opening of a fuel.
The car comes as a pre-assembled Kit to the 75%.
Maximum load capacity: 30 Kg.
Run time up: Up to 1 hour
Certification: RoHS, CE, EN71 EN6215
Approved by the EC
Decoration products and manufacturer's specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Rims chrome
User Manual in the box.
Repair service after-sales service, even outside of the guarantee, we have stock for immediate replacement parts .
Telephone service helps the installation and troubleshooting for all our customers


Dimensions: 116 cm (length) X 80 cm (width) X 52 cm (height)

The length of the vehicle is taken from the tail to the snout, the width from wing to Wing, and the height from the floor to the top of the seat.
Interior of vehicle:
Height legs: 13 cm
Interior width: 34 cm
Distance Seat-Dashboard: 22 cm
Dimensions of the seat: 19 cm(length) X 25 cm (width) X 25 cm (high)

Color white

Box size 121 * 64 * 34cm box Weight: 22 Kg.