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Volt200 of 250W SABWAY ideal for adults thanks to its excellent combination of power and autonomy. Its seat is comfortable and the wheels fully collapsible, so it can be folded to any place. Takes gel batteries 24V 9 Ah.


This scooter electric VOLT200 250 W has conditions very best achieving be ideal in different scenarios. You can take it anywhere without any effort, perfect for combining with public transport and can take it on the train, metro or bus. In addition, you have gel batteries 24V which gives the scooter durability and power with your engine.

Its low power consumption is one of the main features to take into account when you purchase this scooter electric SABWAAND has a battery that will allow you to have an autonomy of 15 km. A powered scooter apart to take you where you want, also makes you to work with the pollution caused by gasoline-powered vehicles.

I've finally been able to find a scooter electric comfortable, lightweight, solid, smart, and completely portable!

Has a few finishes and high quality which makes eventually be an investment that rewards. Has LCD screen on which you will be able to see the speed achieved and the consumption of the battery. This powered scooter is designed for all kinds of people: teens and adults...

It is a powered scooter lightweight easy to fold and does not need any maintenance.

Engine 250W
Battery 24V 9Ah
Load time 6 - 8h
Speed max. 20 Km / h
Autonomy 15 Km ( Autonomy tested by the factory under optimum conditions. May vary depending on various factors).
Net Weight 18 Kg
Gross Weight 20 Kg
Maximum load 100 Kg
Recommended load 45 Kg
Wheel 9" front pneumatic and 8" rear pneumatic
Brake type Brake drum
Dimensions Product 100 cm x 60 cm x 110 cm
Dimensions Box 105 cm x 23 cm x 50 cm
Type of gears 3
Seats 1
Height seats Removable
Extras Folding and LED display