Electric scooter for adults PRAGUE

Moto Eléctrica Prague: speed and efficiency

Powerful and Light

Motorcycle Electric Prague, a 50cc motorcycle with a lithium-ion battery that combines speed and convenience. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Its sleek, modern design will captivate you, with LED lights to light your way and a waterproof polyester cushioned seat for two.

The Prague Electric Bike is an affordable option for those who think electric vehicles are expensive. Its interface features an LCD display that displays relevant information during driving, such as distance traveled, speed and remaining range, so you are always in control.

Save money every day with this amazing electric moped: you can go up to 100km for only 0.50€! What ! The Prague Electric Bike offers you efficient and environmentally friendly mobility.

Choose your range: Removable lithium-ion batteries

At Patilandia , we love that users can decide the self-government from his electric scooter. That's why we offer you three options of lithium-ion batteries with 18650, which will allow you to drive around up to 75 miles without stopping.

All batteries are easily removable, making it easy to recharge at home or work.

Ideal for drivers from 15 years

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autonomía: Up to 45Km
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Discover the Prague Electric Motorcycle: Power, Efficiency and Style

The Prague Electric Motorcycle is much more than a simple electric motorcycle. It is a vehicle that combines power, efficiency and style in a unique driving experience. With a lightweight Li-ion battery and a 50cc motor, this electric moped offers a top speed of 45km/h, providing an exciting adventure on two wheels.

One of the outstanding features of the Praga Electric Motorcycle is its avant-garde and metallic design, which gives it a modern and futuristic appearance. With its spacey style and carefully designed details, you won't go unnoticed as you move around the city.

But the Prague Electric Motorcycle is not just about appearance. It also offers exceptional performance and innovative features. Its front LED lights illuminate your path clearly, giving you safety and visibility even in low light conditions.

The padded leatherette seat, designed for comfort, seats up to two people, allowing you to share the fun and comfort of your trip with a friend or loved one. In addition, it has a 5-point seat belt to ensure safe and protected driving.

The interface of the Prague Electric Motorcycle is equipped with an LCD screen that displays essential information while driving, such as distance traveled, current speed and remaining range. This way, you will always be aware of the most relevant data and will be able to plan your trips efficiently.

But that is not all. The Prague Electric Motorcycle offers you the possibility of customizing your driving experience. You can add a rear storage box that perfectly complements the space available under the seat, giving you additional storage for your belongings while on the go.

And best of all is its efficiency and economics. With the Moto Eléctrica Praga, you can enjoy up to 100km of range for just €0.50. Forget about fuel costs and contribute to environmental protection with this 100% electric vehicle.

The Prague Electric Motorcycle also gives you the possibility of choosing the autonomy that best suits your needs. With 3 Lithium-ion battery options with 18650 cells, you can travel up to 120 kilometers without needing to recharge. Additionally, all batteries are easily removable, giving you the convenience of being able to recharge them at home or at work without complications.

Don't miss the opportunity to join the mobility revolution and experience the thrill of riding a Prague Electric Bike. Available in a variety of colors and with additional accessories to customize it to your needs.


      • The engine:For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:
      • Battery(to be selected):
        · Lithium-ion 60V 19.2Ah (up to 45 km)
        · Lithium-ion 60V 32Ah (up to 75 km.)
        · Lithium ion 60V 51.2Ah (up to 120 km)
    • Counter:POWER SUPPLY
    • Chassis:It's metal. Facade in matte chrome PVC.
    • Light:Led front and rear. The flashes.
    • Shock absorbers:Front – hydraulic. Rear – spring.
    • Wheels:Tires with cameras. 3.50 to 10
    • Brakes:Front and rear – disc.
    • Manillar:Chromed steel and PVC.
    • The seat:It's an eyeball. Capacity for two. Extendable shorts for companion.
      Padded. Waterproof.
    • ChargerInput is 180-240VAC Output is 60v-3,5A
      [Opcional carga rápida: Input 100-240VAC Output 67,2V 5A]
    • MeasuresAssembled 180 x 110 x 67 cm · Packaged 158 x 86 x 57 cm


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