Child Electric Miniquad Eco Cobra 800w 36v

Eco Cobra 800w 36v electric quad for children

Let your children experience the thrill of adventure with the Eco Cobra 800W 36V Kids Electric Quad! .What. Powered by a powerful 800W and 36V electric motor, this Quad provides an exciting and safe performance.

Its compact and rugged design offers a great driving experience, and features a 3-stage accelerator to adjust speed gradually, adapting to the skill level of children.

With additional safety features, such as the safety pedal and the ignition key, you can rest easy while your children have fun. In addition, the charger is included, which makes recharging the battery quick and convenient.

Prepare your sons and daughters for exciting outdoor adventures with this amazing electric quad!

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Eco Cobra children's electric quad 800w 36v

The children's Quad is an electric vehicle specially designed for the little ones, giving them a safe and fun experience. It is equipped with an 800W and 36V electric motor, offering adequate performance for children's use.

Its new sticker design gives it a modern and attractive look, attracting the attention of boys and girls making it a perfect gift. It has a battery pack, this comes in a rigid case, which guarantees its protection and safety during use.

With the 3-stage accelerator, children can enjoy a controlled and adjustable speed, allowing them to gradually adapt to driving. The ignition key provides an additional safety measure by preventing unauthorised use.

The miniquad has headlights, providing additional lighting and allowing children to have fun both during the day and in low light conditions. In addition, the battery indicator on the accelerator lets you know when you need to recharge the battery to continue your adventure

To ensure the safety of your boy or girl, the miniquad has a safety pedal that allows you to stop the vehicle quickly and easily. Additionally, the selector switch allows shifting between forward and reverse gears, making for easy maneuverability and fun.

The miniquad includes a charging socket, making the battery charging process easier and ensuring a convenient experience for children and their parents. It also comes with a charger included, making sure you have everything you need to keep the miniquad ready for use.

Technical data / information:

It 's the data

Manufacturer information

Maker Nitro engines
model The Eco Cobra 800W
admission -
engine electric motor
Power 800W
Max 1st stage 6 km/h 1ststage 15km/hSecond stage 25km/h
Transmission Reverse-reverse
Drive chain
battery For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply:
Battery type Lead gel
The front suspensionbehind 2x strut / strut
Front brakesbehind 2x brake discs / brake disc
Tire 4.10 to 613x5.00-6
Net vehicle weight 44kg
Gross vehicle weight Manufacture from materials of any heading
load Other
Dimensions in mm.
LxWxH 1020 by 555 by 675
Seat height vground 520
Distance standing seat 330
ground clearance 170
Caliber vu h 560 - 560
Wheelbase 680
Vehicle dimension in mm. 1030x435x570

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