Children's Electric Mini Quad Eco Torino BASIC 1000w 48v

Electric children's quad Eco Torino BASIC 1000w 48v

Discover excitement and fun with your child with the Eco Torino BASIC Quad! This incredible Quad is specially designed for young adventurers, offering them an exciting and safe driving experience.

With a powerful 1000W and 48V electric motor, this Quad delivers impressive performance that will make your children have the most fun. In addition, it has 3 acceleration stages, allowing children to gradually adjust the speed according to their abilities and preferences.

With a net vehicle weight of 54 kg and a payload capacity of up to 65 kg, this Quad is rugged and durable, allowing children to take their essential belongings with them as they venture into new emotions.

Let your sons and daughters enjoy outdoor adventures while having fun safely with this high-quality Quad! Don't wait any longer and give them an unforgettable experience.

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Torino BASIC
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Electric children's quad Eco Torino BASIC 1000w 48v

This Quad is a powerful and safe vehicle, designed especially for young adventurers. With impressive features, it provides an exciting yet safe experience. Powered by a 1000W and 48V electric motor, it offers powerful and exciting performance for boys and girls to enjoy to the fullest

The built-in LED headlamp provides excellent lighting, allowing children to have fun both during the day and in low light conditions.

With the 3-stage speed limiter, the speed can be adjusted to suit the driver's skill level and comfort. This provides greater control and safety while driving.

The Quad comes equipped with two ignition keys, providing an additional level of security by preventing unauthorized use. The rotating handle with battery indicator allows easy monitoring of the charge level, ensuring that children are always ready for fun.

For greater comfort, the forward and reverse gears are controlled by a selector switch, which facilitates maneuverability. The charging socket allows for convenient charging, ensuring the Quad is ready for use in no time.

With a closed chain box, greater protection and safety is provided during driving. The removable battery bag allows easy access and battery replacement, simplifying the maintenance of the Quad.

Additionally, the Quad features front and rear luggage racks, providing additional space to carry essential belongings during adventures. And with the safety pedal, boys or girls must operate it to drive, providing an extra layer of safety.

Technical data / information:

data label

manufacturer's specification

Maker nitro engines
model Eco Torino 1000W Basic
engine electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
V.max 32km/h
transmission reverse forward
drive Chain
Loading time 6-8 hours
Range about 15km
battery 4x12V 12Ah (48V/12A)
Writes belie gel batteries
The front suspensionrear 2x
adjustable aluminum struts Adjustable aluminum struts
brakes 2x front disc brakes
1x rear disc brakes
tires 14x4.10-6 |14x5.00-6
net vehicle weight 54kg
gross vehicle weight 63kg
Useful load 65 kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1130x565x695
seat height V.  floor 500
handlebar Width 575
Foot-seat distance 320
floor clarity 180
Front tread | rear -
center distance 635 |635
Box dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1040 by 640 by 500
color variations red, blue, green, orange
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Torino BASIC