Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000W 36V electric quad for children

Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000W 36V Children's Electric Quad Bike Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000W 36V

attention all adventurous parents and intrepid little ones! Ready to unleash the fun to the max? Introducing the sensational Children's Electric Quad!

full speed ahead! This Quad has a top speed of 30 km/h, so your kids will be able to experience thrilling adrenaline-filled races!

made for action! This amazing Quad has a weight of 55 kg and can carry a load of up to 60 kg. Get ready to carry all the toys and explore the world together without limits!

unmatched comfort! The seat-to-floor height is 470 mm, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable position for your little riders as they venture through unknown terrain - they'll be the kings of the track!

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Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000W 36V electric quad for children

Attention, adventurous parents and family fun lovers, we have the Children's Electric Quad of your dreams to make your children's days exciting and full of laughter!

Our Kids Electric Quad is perfect for creating priceless memories together!

Supercharged power! With a powerful 1000W, 36V electric motor, your little explorers will be able to conquer any terrain with ease and confidence, unleashing adrenaline at every turn!

Discover new paths! Thanks to the built-in LED projector, your children will be able to venture out even in the magical evening hours, lighting their way as they discover new worlds around every corner.

The control is in your hands! With the 3-step speed limiter, you can adjust the speed to perfectly match the ability and age of your children, allowing them to have fun in complete safety.

Fun under lock and key! We provide you with two ignition keys, so you can decide when is the perfect time for your little pilots to start their adventures, and enjoy unforgettable moments together with them!

Discover the fun charge! The rotating throttle with battery indicator will let you know when it's time for a recharge, ensuring you never run out of power on your rides!

Adventure in every direction! With the forward and reverse selector, your children will be able to maneuver easily and safely, overcoming obstacles and exploring amazing places without worries.

Fun at the ready! The convenient charging socket ensures that charging the battery is as easy as child's play, so the fun never ends!

Safety first! The enclosed chain cover protects your children from possible accidents, allowing them to enjoy themselves without worries, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Team adventures! The trailer hitch setup will allow them to take their favorite toys with them or even share the excitement with friends and siblings, the fun will multiply!

Comfort at every step! The removable battery box makes charging and storing the Quad as easy as packing a picnic for the next big expedition.

Data / technical information:

Data designation

Manufacturer's information

manufacturer Nitro Motors
model Eco Avenger Prime 1000W
motor electric motor
Maximum yield 1000W
V-Max 30 kmh
transmission Forward-reverse gear
drive chain
loading time 6-8 hours
go to about 15 km
battery 3x 12V 12Ah lead-acid batteries
Front suspensionbehind 2 props |prop
brakes 2x front disc brakes 1x rear disc brakes
tire 4.10-6 |13x5.00-6
transmission Forward-reverse gear
dead weight 55kg
charge 60kg
Dimensions in mm
Vehicle dimensions LxWxH 1180x700x670
Seat height v.terrain 470
Distance from the foot seat 320
ground clearance
Gauge vu h 685 |585
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