Electric children's quad Eco Phyton 800w 36v R6

Electric children's quad Eco Phyton 800w 36v R6

Welcome to the exciting experience of the Eco Phyton Kids Electric Quad! Let me introduce you to this incredible vehicle designed especially for young adventurers. With a powerful 800W and 36V electric motor, this Quad delivers exciting performance and is suitable for children's use. Its robust, durable design guarantees hours of worry-free fun.

The Quad Eco Phyton has a deadweight of 44 kg, which makes it easy to maneuver for children. In addition, it has a carrying capacity of 60 kg, which means that your child can take his essential belongings with him during the exciting adventures.

The height of the seat relative to the ground is 520 mm, which provides a comfortable and safe position for your child while enjoying his . Don't wait any longer and give your son and daughter a chance to explore the world on wheels with this amazing electric quad!

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Electric children's quad Eco Phyton 800w 36v R6

This Quad is an exciting choice for young drivers looking for adventure and fun. With impressive features, this quad delivers powerful and safe performance. Equipped with an 800W and 36V electric motor, the Eco Phyton provides the right power to ensure an exciting yet safe experience for children. With the lockable 3-stage accelerator, you can gradually adjust the speed according to your skills and comfort.

The quad features massive discs that provide excellent braking and control, ensuring safe driving at all times. The two front discs further improve braking ability, providing a higher level of safety.

A notable feature of the Eco Phyton is its new removable battery. This makes it easier to charge and replace the battery, which means your children can enjoy more fun time without interruption.

The lackierter edging not only adds a touch of style to the quad, but also provides additional protection to the essential parts. In addition, the safety pedal guarantees safe driving, since it must be activated for the vehicle to start moving.

The charge level indicator lets you know when to recharge the battery, avoiding unpleasant surprises during adventures. In addition, the quad has a charging socket for convenient charging, making sure it's always ready for use.

Technical data/information:

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manufacturer's information

maker Nitro Motors
model Eco Python 800W
admission -
engine Electric motor 800W 36V
power 1st stage 25 km / h
1st stage 15 km/h
2nd stage 6 km/h
V-Max 25 km / h
transmission Go ahead-Atrás
drive chain
battery 3x 12v 12ah
storage capacity -
fuel -
Front suspension |behind 2 supports in front
1 back support
Front brake |behind 2
brake discsforwards1 rear brake disc
pneumatic 4.10 to 613x5.00-6
dead weight 44kg
charge Other
Dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1040 by 545 by 685
Seat height vland 520
Foot seat distance 350
ground clearance 170
Gauge vu h 540 - 545
Distance between axis 720
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