It's an electric quad for kids

It's an electric quad for kids

Discover the thrill of outdoor driving for your child with this children's electric quad! This amazing vehicle offers unparalleled fun and safety for your little adventurer.

It has a net weight of 46 kg and a gross weight of 54 kg, making it robust enough to withstand your child's daily use and outdoor adventures. In addition, it has a permanent load of 60 kg, which ensures that your child can enjoy long walks without worries.

Your seat has a height from the ground of 495 mm, which ensures that your child can have a comfortable and adequate posture for safe driving.

This electric Quad has 3 maximum speeds: 8 km/h, 15 km/h or 25 km/h, allowing your child to start with a lower speed and increase it gradually as he gains experience, ensuring his safety while gaining confidence in driving.

This electric quad not only provides unparalleled fun for your child, but it also helps them develop motor and coordination skills as they explore their outdoor environment.

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It's an electric quad for kids

This children's electric quad will give your child a safe and fun driving experience.

The quad features a powerful 36V and 1000W electric motor, providing gentle acceleration and speed suitable for children.

The battery box is removable, making it easy to recharge comfortably and safely, ensuring a longer duration of fun.

The built-in LED headlights ensure excellent visibility for both the driver and those around them, allowing your child to drive safely even in low light conditions.

These tire rings offer increased stability and durability when driving on uneven terrain, providing a safer and more exciting driving experience.

With the two included ignition keys, you and your child will be able to keep the quad safe and controlled, preventing any unauthorized use.

This acceleration system allows you to adjust the maximum speed according to your child's abilities, allowing you to start from lower levels and gradually increase speed as you gain confidence in driving.

The throttle handle comes with a built-in battery display, allowing your child to know how much charge they have left while having fun on their outdoor adventure.

The option of moving forward and backward via a selector switch facilitates manoeuvrability and safety by being able to reverse if necessary.

The charging socket located in the battery box allows for quick and easy charging, without the need to disassemble the batteries to charge them.

The closed chain box ensures that the transmission system is protected and there is no risk of jamming while driving.

The built-in speaker adds fun functionality to the Quad, allowing your child to interact with others while driving.

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