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Beautiful classic model of Mercedes 300s with OFFICIAL license !


Here it is the legendary Mercedes Benz 300S Black. Fully equipped, this car is the description of the same quality. With official license from mercedes, this model has a dashboard that is highly detailed that has nothing to envy of the real cars.


With remote radio control 2.4 G, which allows the output smooth, this car is equipped with all luxury of details: padded Seat in leather, very comfortable, rubber casters flat-free that offer more grip and durability, gear change on the steering wheel as the cars of truth. If even has a trunk! The dashboard includes the start button, in addition to connections for MP3 player and SD card.

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Main features:

- Remote radio control 2.4 G with output soft.
- Seat in leather
- Official license from Mercedes.
- Double engine 12V 35W progressive
- Battery 12V/7Ah
- Safety belt.
- Rear trunk functional
- Changing gears on the steering wheel with 3 speeds: 2 forward (1 slow and a fast) and 1 to the back.
- Accelerator pedal.
- MP3 connection and SD card
Button - songs, volume
- FM Radio
- Power button on the dashboard
- Rear suspension
Wheels - FOAM.
- LED lights front and rear
- Automatic brake to stop accelerating
- 1 square.

Product dimensions: 128cm x 62cm x 45cm
Box dimensions: 133cm x 62cm x 37cm
Box weight: 21.5 kg
Car weight: 17.5 kg

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