Mini cross Eléctrica Fleet 300w 24v

Children's electric motocross Fleet 300w 24v

This children's electric motorcycle is an exciting and reliable option for boys and girls looking for a fun and comfortable riding experience. With its 300W and 24V electric motor, robust structure, support wheels, 2-stage accelerator, ON/OFF toggle switch, side stand, charging socket and charger included, this electric bicycle gives you everything you need to enjoy a smooth, safe and exciting ride on every journey.

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Children's electric motocross Fleet 300w 24v

This electric scooter has a 300W motor and a 24V battery, which gives it the power needed for smooth and quiet travel. The structure of the bike is robust, which guarantees its durability and resistance on various terrains. To facilitate learning and riding, the motorcycle is equipped with support wheels that help maintain balance and stability while the child becomes familiar with the motorcycle. These wheels can be removed once the driver is comfortable driving without them.

The 2-stage accelerator allows the speed to be controlled gradually and precisely, adapting to the needs and skills of the driver. The bike is also equipped with an ON/OFF lever switch, which allows the engine to be easily switched on and off as needed. In addition, the motorcycle has a side pedal, which allows it to be parked safely and stably when not in use

Finally, a charger is included that connects to the charging socket, allowing the battery to be recharged easily and quickly. This ensures that the bike is ready for use in no time and avoids any concerns about battery life.

Technical data/information:

Designation of data

Manufacturer's information

Maker Nitro Engines
Model Eco Flee 300W NEW
permission -
engine Brushed electric motor 300W 24V
power 300W
V-Max 1st stage approximately 11 km/h
Second stage approx.21 km/h
Distance 10 kilometers
transmission -
driving chain
on Lift switch
battery 24V 8Ah (2x12V)
Write Lead battery
Tank capacity -
consumption -
fuel -
Front suspension |rear -
Front brakes |rear None / rear disc brake
The front tirerear 110/50-6.5/110/50-6.5
Vehicle net weight 22kg
Butto vehicle weight 24kg
Loading capacity 40kg
Dimensions in mm
Vehicle dimensions (LxAnxAl) 920 by 400 by 720
For the purpose of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: Manufacture from materials of any heading
Seat height vfloor 440
Standing seat away 340
Clearness of the floor 110
Vuh caliber -
Center distance 635
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