Electric scooter Centauro 3000W registration with seat and LCD screen XXL

Electric scooter Centaur with seat and LCD screen XXL White

Centauro electric scooter, white and blue, 2000W or 3000W power, registrable, with seat and XXL LCD screen

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ENGINES: 2000W 48V-16Ah
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Electric scooter Centaur to be registered

If you're looking for an all-terrain electric scooter, white and blue, registration, comfortable and powerful, Centauro is your eco scooter that becomes a moped to enjoy in the city.


Now you can enjoy driving safely and practically as required by law.

Centauro meets all the requirements within the vehicle legislation so that you can make long journeys, from simply going to work or going for a walk.

Resilient structure

All the components that make up the scooter are of hard and resistant materials so it will contribute to the scooter durability and of course resistance in use.

The scooter is sturdy and durable and you'll notice it when you use it.

Extra power

With Centauro you have the possibility to choose its 2000W or 3000W motor, a very powerful motor that allows this electric vehicle to be a real machine on the mountain. It also has 4×4 wheels fully adaptable to mixed terrain.

You only need to charge it for about 4 or 6 hours and the rest of the day you can enjoy Centauro, with a speed of up to 45 km/h and more than enough autonomy for day to day.

Patinete eléctrico matriculable con asiento Centauro

It flows through the city without polluting

Another great advantage is that being an electric motor, it does not pollute and you do not have to take into account the tank.

Looking to the future, where the use of polluting cars and motorcycles is being criminalized, starting to use electric scooters and scooters is the right thing to do.


As for comfort, the scooter has a comfortable and non-adjustable saddle, perfect for making your trips better than with a traditional scooter.

Parts of scooters

Skating also includes:

  • LCD screen XXL with speed indicators
  • Headlamp and LED brake light
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Turbo button to go to full speed!
  • Front and rear brake disc
  • Number plate
  • Suspensions

Patinete eléctrico matriculable Centauro

Recommendations to the Council

  • Certificate approved, it can be registered.
  • Fit to drive around town.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment to prevent damage and/or accidents.
  • Please follow the instructions in the manual for good product use and good practice. .What.
  • As a precaution, check with your municipality about current municipal and/or state laws on the driving of VMPs.
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