RIO ROLLER Signature quad skates

Why RIO ROLLER Signature?

In a market full of options, the RIO ROLLER Signature quad skates stand out. These skates are a testament to RIO ROLLER's passion for skating, their commitment to quality, and their attention to detail. With these skates, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in an unforgettable skating experience that the whole family can enjoy.

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Get ready to experience the perfect balance between style, performance, and comfort with the fabulous RIO ROLLER Signature quad skates! Designed to impress parents, girls, and boys alike, these skates will not only make you stand out on the rink but also provide an exceptional skating experience. Dive into the world of skating with the charm and unmatched quality of RIO ROLLER.

Unmatched Style

The design of these skates is simply stunning. The exterior is made of vegan leather with a brushed finish that gives it an exceptional look and feel. The RIO ROLLER Signature skates offer a reinforced figure-style upper that not only ensures durability but will also make you stand out in the crowd.

Unparalleled Comfort

A comfortable and unmatched skating experience is essential, and RIO ROLLER knows it. The inner lining is made of soft brushed velvet that caresses your feet with every move. In addition, the heel pad and molded insole provide exceptional support, so you can skate for hours without feeling tired.

Performance at its Best

The RIO ROLLER Signature skates come with a high-impact polypropylene (PP) chassis that ensures exceptional stability and durability. Their aluminum trucks and 94A PU bearings offer a smooth and controlled glide, making them an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced skaters.

High-Quality Wheels

These skates come with 82A cast PU wheels, available in two sizes: 58mm x 33mm for UK sizes: 3J - 5J (EU: 35.5 - 38, US: M6L7) and 62mm x 36mm for UK sizes: 6A - 9A (EU: 39.5 - 43, US: M7L8). The wheels are exclusively designed by RIO to prevent the axles from protruding and damaging the floor. Your safety and the integrity of your floors are our priority!

Speed and Control

The ABEC-7 bearings ensure a smooth and fast glide, allowing you to effortlessly glide around the rink. Additionally, RIO ROLLER's adjustable pure rubber stoppers offer you total control over your speed and movements.

Stunning Colors

Choose from three vibrant colors: Black, Blue, and Yellow. Whatever your choice, these skates will surely add a touch of style and personality to your skating experience.

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