Children's electric quad ECO Phyton CROSS 1000w 36v

Kids Electric Quad ECO Phyton CROSS 1000w 36v

"Experience the thrill of family fun with the ECO Phyton CROSS 1000w 36v kids electric quad bike. Its safe and durable design allows parents and children to enjoy adventures on wheels to the fullest. With three speed levels - 10km/h, 15km/h and 25km/h, your little ones can explore their surroundings with confidence. Its net weight of 50kg and load capacity of 65kg ensure fun-filled shared moments.

create unforgettable memories as you discover the joy of electric driving together!"

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Phyton CROSS
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Children's electric quad ECO Phyton CROSS 1000w 36v

This quad bike is specially designed to provide an exciting and safe experience for your children while they enjoy outdoor activities. With a powerful 1000 W and 36 V electric motor, they can explore the world around them with confidence and without generating harmful emissions.

It has 6-inch tires that offer exceptional grip on different terrains, allowing your children to venture on all types of roads with total stability.

With a total of three 12V 12Ah batteries, the Quad guarantees long-lasting fun, ensuring long, carefree rides and the included charging socket facilitates the recharging process, ensuring that the little ones can get back on the adventure quickly. You can also keep an eye on the battery charge level at all times thanks to the integrated display on the rotating handle.

Built-in LED headlights provide clear visibility even in low-light conditions, allowing your children to play safely both day and night. With a 3-stage acceleration system, they will be able to adapt the speed according to their abilities and comfort level, allowing full control at all times.

Because your peace of mind is important, the Quad comes equipped with a lock and two keys to ensure the security of the vehicle when not in use and a switch that allows you to switch between forward and reverse without hassle.

Technical data / information:

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Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer nitro engines
model Ecological python 1000W
motor electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
V max. 1st level 10km/h
2nd level 15km/h
3rd level 25km/h
transmission Reverse gear forward
Antrieb Kette
Ladezeit 6-8 Stunden
Reichweite ca. 15km
Batterie 36V/12A
Batterie Typ 6-DZM-12 Blei Gel
Fahrwerk vorne | hinten 2x Federbeine | Federbein
Bremsen 2x Scheibenbremsen vorne
1x Scheibenbremsen hinten
Reifen vorne | hinten 13x4.10-6 |13x4.10-6
Netto Fahrzeuggewicht 50kg
Gross Fahrzeuggewicht 64kg
Zuladung 65kg
Fahrzeug Abmessungen in mm
LxBxH 1050x565x695
Sitzhöhe v. Boden
Lenkerbreite 575
Abstand Fuß-Sitz 320
Spurbreite vorne | hinten 675 | 585
Carton dimensions LxBxH in mm
LxBxH 990x565x495
Color range Rot
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Phyton CROSS
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