Eco REPTI 800w 36v Eco REPTI children's electric quad 800w 36v

Eco REPTI 800w 36v Kids Electric Quad 800w

Introducing our exciting Children's Electric Quad, a perfect choice to give your child an unforgettable experience of outdoor fun and adventure.

With this Quad you will be able to adjust the speeds to 11 km/h, 19 km/h or 25 km/h, allowing you to start with a lower speed and gradually increase as you gain experience in driving. The ability to adjust the maximum speeds will allow you to maintain adequate control over your child's riding, providing peace of mind and safety.

The seat-to-floor height is 510 mm, providing a comfortable position while driving and allowing you to have better control of the vehicle.

Weighing 50 kg, this Quad is sturdy and stable enough to withstand daily use and ensure a safe, reliable ride.

Your child will have a lot of fun with this Children's Electric Quad, while developing motor and coordination skills in a fun and safe way.

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Eco REPTI 800w 36v Eco REPTI children's electric quad 800w 36v

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our amazing Children's Electric Quad, specially designed to provide fun and safety for your child while enjoying exciting outdoor adventures.

Equipped with an 800W 36V electric motor, our quad bike provides a smooth and exciting riding experience for your child.

This Quad has a 3-stage adjustable throttle system, controlled by a key, which allows you to limit the speed according to your child's ability and confidence.

We have incorporated new brake discs on the Quad, ensuring efficient and safe braking at all times.

With the battery status indicator, you and your child will always know how much charge you have left, ensuring you can plan your adventures without worrying about running out of power.

The improved steering bar offers greater control and maneuverability when driving, providing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

The keyed light adds a touch of convenience and style, allowing optimal visibility in low-light conditions and making it easy to turn the vehicle on and off.

With two front brake discs, the Quad stops faster and more efficiently, providing greater safety in all situations.

Lacquered rims not only add an eye-catching look to the Quad, but also improve durability and resistance in varied terrain.

The safety pedal ensures that the vehicle stops automatically when the child takes his/her foot off the accelerator, providing a higher level of safety.

These indicators make driving more intuitive and easier, making it easier for your child to learn to maneuver and control the Quad effectively.

The charging socket included with the charger facilitates the recharging process, allowing your child to enjoy more play time with less waiting time.

Data / technical information:


Manufacturer's information

manufacturer Nitro Motors
model Eco Repti 800W
admission -
motor Electric motor 800W 36V
power 800W
V-Max 1st stage 25 km / h
1st stage 19 km / h
2nd stage 11 km / h
drive chain
battery 3x 12V 12Ah
Front brake |behind 2 front disc brakes
1 rear brake disc
tire 3.00-4 |3.00-4
dead weight 50 kg
charge 60 kg
Dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1060x600x670
Seat height v.terrain 510
Distance from the foot seat 320
ground clearance
Wheelbase 695
pressure gauge 635 |595
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