Tractor Electric Child-CLAAS STYLE 12V

Spectacular tractor for children in green. All the maneuverability as if it were an adult tractor. It has 2 6v batteries. The little ones will feel like real professionals!

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- Start switch on/off
- With a center button that simulates a horn
- 2 gears forward + 1 reverse
- Speed in first gear 3.4 km/h,
- Speed in second gear 6-7 Km/h
- Reverse speed of 3.4 and 6 km/h respectively
- The front loader shovel moves, you can empty it and lower it to the ground.
- Accelerator and automatic brake on one pedal. If you lift the foot off the pedal, the tractor brakes immediately.
- Rear tow hook
- Front hook, allowing to be towed by another vehicle
- Two powerful 6v 7Ah batteries
- 2 powerful 25W motors
- Includes seat belt
- Weight of product: 17 kg
- Maximum weight supported: 30 kg. tractor
- Large traction wheels with rubber tread. -What-
- Measures front wheels: width: 10cm. Height: 27 cm
- Rear wheel measurements: width: 13cm. Diameter: 32cm
- Seat size: 27 (wide) x 26 (high) x 18 cm (long)
- From the back of the seat, that is, from the hip, bending the leg to the pedal is 53 cm.
- Inner shovel space: 34 (width) x 12 (height) x 22 cm (length)
- Dimensions of the product with the blade raised: 143 (long) x 61 (wide) x 77 cm (high)
- With the shovel down: 152 cm long x 61 cm wide x 64 cm high

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