Children's electric motocross eco Gepard DLX 550w 36v

Children's electric motocross eco Gepard DLX 550w 36v

This children's electric motorcycle stands out for its 550 W and 36 V electric motor, its high-capacity lithium battery and its robust frame. With a 3-stage accelerator, a charging socket for comfortable loading and a set of inverted and adjustable rear shock absorbers, this bike provides an exciting, comfortable and safe riding experience for small riders. The included charger makes the charging process even easier, allowing children to enjoy their adventures without worry.

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Children's electric motocross eco Gepard DLX 550w 36v

This electric scooter designed especially for little adventurers and little adventurers. Equipped with a powerful 550 W, 36 V electric motor, this motorcycle offers a safe and fun-filled riding experience. One of the outstanding features of this bike is its high-capacity lithium battery. This battery technology guarantees exceptional performance, providing longer charging time and longer driving time. In addition, the battery is located in a quick-change rack, which facilitates the quick and easy replacement of the depleted battery by a fully charged one. This minimises downtime and allows children to enjoy their adventure again without waiting.

The rugged frame of this motorcycle provides a sturdy and reliable construction. Designed to support child use, this frame ensures stability and durability while driving, providing a safe base for small drivers. The motorcycle is equipped with a 3-stage accelerator, which allows the speed to be adapted to the skills and experience of the child. With different speed levels available, children can learn and progress in their driving gradually, always under supervision and safely.

Comfort and convenience have also been taken into account in the design of this children's electric scooter. It has a charging socket that facilitates the connection of the charger for a comfortable and uncomplicated charging. In addition, the charger necessary to recharge the battery is included, which makes the charging process even more accessible and convenient. As for the suspension, the bike has an inverted shock absorber at the front and an adjustable aluminium rear shock absorber. These shock absorbers efficiently absorb impacts and rough terrain, providing smooth and stable driving even on rough surfaces

Technical specifications:

data label Manufacturer's information
Maker nitro engines
model Green cheetah 550W
Permission -
engine Electric motor 550W 24V
cooling -
performance 550W
speeds Slowly 7 km/h
Normally 13 km/h
Fast 24 km/h
transmission -
french -
driving Chain
on Ignition key
battery For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:
Write lead battery
tank capacity -
consumption -
fuel -
Front suspension |rear -inverted shock absorbersother, of circular cross-section
Front brakes |rear disc brake
front wheelsrear 2.5 to 102.5-10
net vehicle weight 31 kg
gross vehicle weight 34kg
payload 60kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm  
LxAnxAl 1190 by 310 by 790
seat height Vfloor 610
Foot-seat distance 350
floor clarity 240
caliber of vu h -
Center distance 820
width of handle 565
Box dimensions LxAnxAl in mm  
LxAnxAl For the purposes of this annex:

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