Eco AVENGER ECO 1000w 48v electric quad for children

Eco AVENGER ECO 1000w 48v children's electric quad bike

the children's electric quad is the ultimate source of joy and excitement for your little adventurers! With 3 exciting speeds of 8 km/h, 17 km/h and 28 km/h, your children can enjoy thrilling rides adapted to their skill level.

The seat-to-floor height of 520mm offers a comfortable and safe riding position for your children to enjoy long moments of fun. In addition, with a net vehicle weight of 61.5 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 65.5 kg, this Quad is sturdy and safe, providing stability and confidence while riding.

With a payload of 60kg, your little ones can carry everything they need for unforgettable outdoor adventures. The electric quad gives them the freedom to explore new horizons and discover the world with excitement and safety!

Don't wait any longer to offer your children a unique and exciting experience: with the children's electric quad, fun and adventure are guaranteed on every ride!

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Eco AVENGER ECO 1000w 48v electric quad for children

The children's electric Quad with a 1000W electric motor at 48V, this Quad offers exceptional power for unlimited fun.

High-quality tires ensure optimal grip on any terrain, allowing your children to enjoy a smooth and exciting ride. Built-in LED headlights provide excellent visibility, even in low light conditions, increasing safety during your outdoor adventures.

Safety is our priority, that's why we have included a 3-stage speed limiter so you can adjust the speed according to the ability of your little riders. In addition, you have 2 ignition keys to have total control over the Quad at all times.

The rotating handle with battery indicator lets you keep an eye on the charge level, ensuring they're always ready for fun. And with the forward and reverse function via selector switch, maneuvering will be simple and safe.

The integrated charging socket enables convenient and fast charging, so children can quickly get back in action. In addition, the enclosed chain box protects the internal mechanism and ensures a safer ride.

The removable battery pouch adds convenience and ease to the charging and carrying process - and best of all, the charger is included, so you don't have to worry about anything else!

Technical data / information:

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Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer nitro engines
model Ecological Avenger 1000W
motor electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
V max. 1. 8 km/h
2. 17 km/h
3. 28 km/h
drive Chain
transmission Reverse gear forward
Charging time 6-8 hours
battery 4x 12V 12Ah (48V/12A)
Write Lead batteries 6-DZF-12
Front suspensionback 2x shock absorbers |prop
brakes 2x front disc brakes
1x rear disc brakes
Front Tiresback 14x4.1-6 |14x5.00-6
net vehicle weight 61.5 kg
gross vehicle weight 65.5 kg
payload 60kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1200x580x760
seat height V.floor 520
Seat-foot distance 330
floor clarity
vu h caliber 685 / 585
Center distance 760
Housing dimensions in mm
box LxWxH 1160x680x520 69kg
color variations Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Black
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