Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000w 48v R6 electric quad for children

Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000w 48v R6 electric quad bike for kids

Designed for safety and fun, this children's electric quad has a net vehicle weight of 59 kilograms and a gross vehicle weight of 67 kilograms, providing stability and confidence in every ride. In addition, its load capacity of 60 kilograms allows you to carry everything you need to live unforgettable moments.

The seat-to-floor height of 520mm provides a comfortable and ergonomic riding position for your little ones to enjoy hours of fun without discomfort.

With our electric quad, your children will discover the world at full speed, while you have the peace of mind that they are enjoying a safe and exciting experience.

Don't wait any longer to give them unforgettable moments and fun-filled memories, the children's electric quad is the perfect gift for your children!

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Eco AVENGER PRIME 1000w 48v R6 electric quad for children

With its powerful 1000W 48V electric motor, this quad bike offers exceptional power for thrilling rides in the great outdoors. The integrated LED headlights provide bright and clear illumination, allowing your little explorers to enjoy adventures day and night.

Safety is our priority, that's why we have incorporated a 3-step speed limit, so you can adjust the speed according to your children's ability. In addition, we provide you with 2 ignition keys so that you are always in full control.

The rotary throttle with battery indicator lets you keep an eye on the charge level at all times, ensuring they never run out of fun. And with the forward and reverse drive function via selector switch, your little ones can easily and safely maneuver in any direction

For added convenience, we have included a charging socket for convenient and fast charging. In addition, the enclosed chain case protects the internal mechanism, ensuring a safe and durable ride.

The removable battery pouch adds practicality and ease to the charging and carrying process. And best of all, the charger is included so your kids can quickly enjoy this exciting experience without waiting any longer!

Discover the thrill on wheels with our children's electric quad! With a top speed of 30 km/h, your sons and daughters will experience exciting outdoor adventures.

Data / technical information:

Data designation

Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer Nitro Engines
Model Eco Avenger Basic 1000W
motor Electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
V-Max 30 km / h
handle Chain
transmission Reverse gear forward
Charging time 6-8 hours
battery 4x 12V 12Ah (48V / 12A)
Type Lead batteries 6-DZF-12
Front landing gearback 2x props |Strut
Brakes 2x
front disc brakes 1x front disc brakes 1x rear disc brakes
Front tireback 4.10-6 |13x5.00-6
Net vehicle weight 59 kilograms
Gross vehicle weight 67 kilograms
Load capacity 60 kilograms
Vehicle dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1200x580x760
Seat height v.ground 520
Stand-up seat away 330
Floor clarity
Caliber vu h 685 |585
Center distance 760
Housing dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1160x680x520

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