Eco Phyton Deluxe 800W 36v Children's Electric

Electric quad for children Eco Phyton Deluxe 800w 36v

It has been designed with high-quality materials, making it robust and durable. With a weight of 50 kg and a payload capacity of 75 kg, you can be sure that it will provide a stable and safe driving experience.

It features three exciting speed levels so you can adjust the speed according to your children's skills and experience. From a more relaxed pace of 6 km/h for beginners to an exciting top speed of 25 km/h for the more adventurous.

The seat height, 500 mm above the floor, provides a comfortable position for your children while driving. In addition, the seat is adjustable, which means the Quad will grow along with them, providing a comfortable and ergonomic driving experience at all times.

Don't wait any longer to give them this wonderful opportunity for adventure and fun! Purchase the Electric Quad now and give your children unforgettable experiences that they will treasure forever!

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Eco Phyton Deluxe 800W 36v Children's Electric

This Quad is specially designed to provide a safe and exciting experience for younger adventurers, The Quad is equipped with an 800 W electric motor and a 36 V battery, providing enough power for exciting rides while maintaining a quiet and environmentally friendly performance.

To ensure the safety of children, the Quad has a lockable throttle with three speed stages. Parents can adjust the speed according to the child's experience and skill level.

The Quad is equipped with new solid brake discs, which provide smooth and effective braking for greater safety on every adventure.

A battery status indicator on the handlebar allows kids and their parents to easily know the remaining charge, ensuring they never run out of power in the middle of the fun.

The Quad features two brake discs at the front, providing even more powerful and safer braking, especially on more challenging terrain.

A safety pedal allows the child to stop the Quad quickly if they take their foot off the accelerator, providing greater safety during rides.

The Quad has a selector switch that allows you to easily switch between forward and reverse gears, making it easier to maneuver and ride in various situations.

Charging socket on the Quad: For added convenience, the Quad comes with an integrated charging socket, allowing for convenient and easy charging without having to remove the battery.

Technical data and information:

data label

manufacturer specification

Maker nitro engines
Model EcoPython 800W Deluxe
Permission -
engine Electric motor 800W 36V
Performance 800W 36V
In max. 0° level 25km/h
1st level 15km/h
2° level 6km/h
transmission Reverse forward
driving Chain
battery 3x 12v 12ah
fuel -
brakes 2 front disc brakes |1 rear disc brakes
Front suspension |rear 2 front struts, rear strut
Tires 4.10 to 613x5.00-6
own weight 50kg
payload 75 kg
Dimensions in mm
LxAnxAl 1050 by 600 by 700
seat height VFloor 500
Foot-seat distance 320
floor clarity 170
caliber of vu h Six hundred and twenty890
Center distance 700
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