Electric quad for children Eco Phyton Deluxe 1000w 48v

Electric quad for children Eco Phyton Deluxe 1000w 48v

We're pleased to bring you the exciting Eco Phyton Deluxe 1000W 48V electric quad for your son or daughter! This quad has been designed with the fun and safety of young adventurers in mind, and we're confident it will provide unforgettable outdoor moments.

The quad is designed to fit different sizes and weights. With a deadweight of 54 kg and a carrying capacity of up to 65 kg, your child can enjoy long walks without worries. The seat height to the ground of 485 mm provides a comfortable position for the driver and safe handling.

It offers three adjustable speeds to suit the skill level of the child: 1.6 km/h, 2.15 km/h and 3.25 km/h. This allows you to control the maximum speed and ensure that it is suitable for your child as they learn and improve their driving skills.

Feel free to contact us to purchase this exciting Quad for your family!

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Phyton Deluxe
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Electric quad for children Eco Phyton Deluxe 1000w 48v

The Eco Phyton Deluxe 1000W 48V children's electric quad is an exciting and safe all-terrain vehicle option for children. Designed with advanced features and solid construction, this quad offers an exciting driving experience while ensuring the safety of young adventurers.

The quad comes equipped with a high-capacity 48V battery that is easily removable for convenient charging and easy replacement. This allows children to enjoy extended driving times without worrying about energy.

SafetyTouch is an innovative safety feature that ensures that the throttle pedal action requires adequate pressure to activate the quad's movement. This helps prevent accidental starts and ensures that the vehicle is activated only when the child is ready to drive.

Powered by a 1000W electric motor and powered by a 48V battery, the quad provides impressive performance and smooth, quiet driving. Electric technology also ensures a lower environmental impact compared to combustion engines.

To suit the child's skill level and experience, the quad offers three lockable acceleration modes that allow parents to adjust the maximum speed. This gives them more control and peace of mind during learning.

The quad features an easy-to-use rotary accelerator that displays a battery level indicator. This allows children to have a clear idea of the battery's condition and when it needs to be charged. it also has a selector switch which allows easy switching between forward and reverse modes. This makes maneuvering easier and provides a more versatile driving experience.

It is equipped with a charging socket that facilitates the battery charging process. This allows parents to quickly and conveniently charge the battery when needed. For added safety and protection, the quad incorporates a closed chain case that prevents fingers or objects from accidentally becoming entangled in the transmission mechanism.

Technical data/information:

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manufacturer's information

maker Nitro Motors
model ECO Python Deluxe
engine electric motor
power 1000W
V-Max I 'm going to have to go
transmission Go ahead-Atrás
drive chain
loading time 6-8 hours
battery 4x 12V 12-14Ah
undercarriage suspensions
brakes 2x front brake discs
1x rear brake discs
Maduro vuh Manufacture from materials of any heading
dead weight 54kg
charge 65 kg
LxWxH in mm 1030 by 585 by 690
Seat height vland 485
Foot seat distance 300
ground clearance 150
It's a VyouB 630 |590
Distance between axis 690
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Phyton Deluxe