Ikara 3.0 - Motriculable electric motorcycle, 60v lithium battery - 20ah, double seat, black

How can I not look at this precious 1500W Ikara electric motorcycle?

If you've always dreamed of owning a chooper, we present you this beauty of electric motorcycle, with that motorcycle chooper look that we like and characterizes so much.

The truth is, she's the little sister of a family of beauties, halfway between a classy electric skateboard and an electric motorcycle.

Let's talk about numbers:

It's mounted on a 1500 Brussleess engine, with a fully removable 60V-20Ah lithium battery.

It reaches a speed of 45 km/h

It has a range of 40-50km and charges only with between 3 and 5 hours of charging.

Of course, it's enrolled.

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Components of the Ikara electric motorcycle

And, in case you want to know more, this electric scooter brings new components:

    • More modern and larger LCD screen with battery indicators,
    • Universal mobile support with USB input to charge the mobile
    • Button three gears
    • Number plate illuminator
    • Back case with a more rounded shape.
    • The ignition key includes 2 remote controls with alarm
    • Rear wheel lock
    • Activation of LCD screen

So... it doesn't matter the motive! Make the most of Ikara in your daily routines, walks, travels... adaptable to the occasion!

And, if you're an entrepreneur, it's a great choice for your business!

If you want more speed and safety, Ikara is perfect for you!

Recommendations to the Council

  • Certificate approved, it can be registered.
  • Fit to drive around town.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment to prevent damage and/or accidents.
  • Please follow the instructions in the manual for good product use and good practice.
  • As a precaution, check with your municipality about current municipal and/or state laws on the driving of VMPs.


  • The luggage compartment is not included in the price (the balloon compartment is decorative).
  • Some parts are disassembled (fuse, rear-view mirrors, seat) due to the safety of the packaging.
  • Read the owner's manual.

Technical data sheet

Product weight
98 kg
Dimension of product
Engine power
1 unit of lithium 60V - 20Ah removable
Loading time
3 - 5 hours
Possibility up to 45 km/h (depends on weight, route and battery charge)
Possibility up to 40 - 50km (depends on weight, route and battery charge)
Maximum weight supported
Approved for road use and certified by the Ministry of Industry

Duration of the guarantee

The WARRANTY of the electric scooter as well as all its parts and components is 3 years from the delivery of the good, provided that in the course of this time the defect arising is not due to the wear of the same, as it happens in some parts of the product (chain, brakes, cabling and covers).

In the case of electric batteries and central lights, the warranty is for 6 months, and the loss of battery life as a result of ageing or incorrect charging does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Exclusions from the guarantee

Patilandia shall not be liable, resulting in the loss of the guarantee on the product, if:

  • Normal use and wear of the product and its components.
  • Defects due to improper use or handling of the product.
  • Inadequate assembly. - Inadequate follow-up maintenance.
  • Installation of components, parts or accessories that are not designed or compatible with the scooter as marketed.
  • Damage or failure due to accidents, misuse, abuse or negligence.
  • Labour costs for parts replacement or conversion.
  • Use of components from other manufacturers.
  • Repair in unofficial service.
  • No presentation of purchase invoice.
  • Expiry of the guarantee.
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