Electric children's quad Phyton 1000w 36v R6

Electric children's quad Phyton 1000w 36v R6

Allow me to introduce you to this incredible children's electric quad that will be perfect for your child, which has 3 adjustable speeds, you can allow your child to start at a low speed of 8 km/h, so that they get familiar and gain confidence in their driving. As you acquire more skills and abilities, you will be able to speed up to 15 km/h or 25 km/h, always under your supervision.

This electric quad has been designed with the protection and fun of the little ones in mind. It has safety features such as a speed limiter and sensitive brakes to ensure a safe driving experience.

The 490 mm floor height of the seat allows the Quad to fit appropriately to your child's height. In this way they can be handled comfortably and safely, making it easier to control them and avoiding any discomfort while driving.

With a gross weight of 53 kg, it is robust enough to withstand children's use, which gives you peace of mind in terms of its reliability and the carrying capacity of up to 60 kg allows your child to carry some belongings or even share fun moments with friends or siblings.

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Electric children's quad Phyton 1000w 36v R6

This Quad has been designed to provide a fun and safe driving experience for young adventurers. The Eco Phyton has a 1000W and 36V electric motor, providing the right power for your children to have the most fun while exploring their surroundings.

Equipped with front LED headlights, this Quad allows your children to adventure even in low light conditions or in night activities with better visibility.

It comes with two ignition keys, allowing you to control access and ensure security by monitoring who can use it.

With the safety pedal, you can rest easy knowing that the speed will be controlled safely, avoiding accidental acceleration and allowing for more controlled driving.

The 3-stage accelerator provides different speed options, allowing you to adjust power and speed according to your child's ability and confidence.

The rotating handle not only provides a comfortable grip, but also displays a battery indicator, allowing you to easily know the charge level and plan your activities.

The possibility of forward and reverse movement through the selector switch provides greater versatility and facilitates maneuverability.

The integrated charging socket makes charging the battery a simple and convenient task, avoiding complications during the charging process.

The closed chain box adds an additional layer of safety, protecting the motor chain and reducing the risk of accidents.

In addition to all these features, the built-in speaker adds an element of fun and allows them to alert others when needed.

With the Eco Python 1000W 36V, your children will be able to enjoy outdoor adventures, learn about road safety and develop motor skills, all while having a lot of fun! Always remember to supervise its use and ensure that recommended safety measures are followed. It's a great option to encourage fun and exploration in a safe environment!

Technical specifications:

data label Manufacturer's information
Maker nitro engines
model Sports Eco Python
engine electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
In max.

1. 8 km/h
2.15 km/h
3.25 km/h
transmission Reverse forward
driving Chain
Loading time 6-8 hours
Rank about 15 km
battery For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply:
Type Lead batteries 6-DZF-12
Front suspension |rear 2x adjustable shock absorbers1x adjustable shock absorber
Front brakes |rear 2x disc brakes1x rear disc brakes
front wheelsrear 4.10 to 613x5.00-6
net vehicle weight 47kg
gross vehicle weight 53 kg
payload 60kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm  
LxAnxAl 1040 by 560 by 680
seat height VFloor 490
Foot-seat distance 330
floor clarity 120
caliber of vu h 560 |555
Center distance 710
Box dimensions in mm  
LxAnxAl 985 by 565 by 425
color variations red, blue, green, orange
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