Children's Electric Mini Quad Eco Torino Graffity 800w 36v

Electric quad for children Eco Torino Graffity 800w 36v R6

Let your children experience the thrill of adventure with the Eco Torino Graffity Kids Electric Quad! .What. Powered by a powerful 800W and 36V electric motor, this Quad delivers exciting and safe performance

Its compact and rugged design offers a great driving experience. With a weight of 46kg, which makes it light enough for children to handle easily. Despite its light weight this Quad has an impressive carrying capacity of up to 65 kg, which means that children can take their essential belongings with them while enjoying exciting rides.

It has a 3-stage accelerator to adjust the speed gradually, adapting to the skill level of boys and girls.

1* Stage: 11 km/h; 2* Stage: 19 km/h; 3* Stage: 25 km/h

With additional safety features, such as the safety pedal and the ignition key, you can rest easy while your children have fun. In addition, the charger is included, which makes recharging the battery quick and convenient.

Give your son and daughter fun and adrenaline with this electric quad

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Torino Graffity
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Electric quad for children Eco Torino Graffity 800w 36v R6

The Eco Torino Graffity Kids Electric Quad is an exciting and safe vehicle designed especially for our little ones. With impressive features, this Quad offers an unparalleled driving experience almost as if you were driving a real one.

Powered by an 800W, 36V electric motor, the Eco Torino Graffity provides powerful and exciting performance for little adventurers. With this power, you can enjoy exciting rides and explore your surroundings safely.

The incorporated LED headlights provide excellent visibility, allowing children to enjoy their adventures even in low light conditions. 6 -inch tires guarantee a safe grip and soft handling in different types of land.

It is equipped with a practical front and rear luggage rack, allowing children to carry their essential belongings while exploring. In addition, it has a lockable 3-stage accelerator, allowing you to adjust the speed gradually and adapt it to your skills and comfort.

The ignition key adds an extra layer of security by ensuring that only parents give permission for their children to start the Quad. The battery display allows children to easily check the charging level and know when to recharge.

For added safety, the Eco Torino Graffity has a safety pedal, allowing children to quickly and easily stop the vehicle when needed. In addition, the selector switch allows switching between forward and reverse gear, providing greater control and versatility in driving.

The charging socket is very convenient as it facilitates the recharging process of the three 12V and 12Ah batteries that power the Quad. Plus, the charger is included, giving you everything you need to keep the Quad ready for use so your boy or girl doesn't have to wait to continue having fun.

Date / technical information

date designation

manufacturer information

Maker nitro engines
Manufacture Eco Torino 800W graffiti version is also available
engine 36V electric motor
dog 800W
V-Max 1st stage 11 km/h
Second stage 19 km/h
3rd stage 25 km/h
transmission reverse forward
drive chain
Loading time 6-8 hours
battery For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply:
Writes lead gel
Front landing gear | rear

2x stanchions / strut
Front brakesrear

2x disc brakes / disc brakes
tires 4.10 to 613x5.00-6
net vehicle weight 46kg
gross vehicle weight 52kg
Loading capacity 65 kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm
LxWxH It's not like that
Box dimensions LxWxH 1030 x 480 x 570
seat height vsfloor 520
seat standing away 325
floor clarity 150
caliber of the h 635 |635
center distance 685
available colours Red graffiti
Graffiti Graffiti Green

Product Details
Torino Graffity

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