Children's electric quad Eco Torino Cross Graffiti 1000w 36v

Eco Torino Cross Graffiti 1000w 36v kids electric quad bike

get ready for an exciting four-wheeled adventure with the Eco Torino Cross Graffiti 1000w 36v kids' electric quad!

With its cutting-edge design and color variations in yellow, green, blue and graffiti red, this Quad is not only powerful, but also a true work of art on wheels.

Its 3 speeds - 10km/h, 15km/h and 25km/h - offer options for your little riders to explore at their own pace and in complete safety.

With a net weight of 50.4 kg, a gross weight of 64 kg and a payload of 65 kg, the Quad ensures a stable and comfortable ride for children of different ages and sizes.

In addition, with a seat-to-floor height of 500 mm, your children will enjoy an ergonomic position for an even more exciting and pleasurable riding experience.

The Eco Torino Cross Graffiti 1000w 36v electric quad bike is much more than a toy; it is an open door to freedom and outdoor fun.

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Torino Cross Graffiti
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Children's electric quad Eco Torino Cross Graffiti 1000w 36v

This children's electric quad is not only a powerful machine, but also stands out with its special graffiti paint, which makes it unique and eye-catching for your little ones. It will be their dream vehicle!

With 6-inch tires and high-quality studs, your children will enjoy exceptional grip on any surface, allowing them to explore without limits and in complete safety.

Its 1000W 36V electric motor offers exceptional performance, providing thrilling rides at controlled speeds, thanks to the 3-stage throttle. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to adapt the speed according to their abilities.

Safety is paramount, so the Quad comes equipped with an ignition lock and 2 keys, ensuring that only your kids have access to the fun on wheels.

The rotating handle with battery indicator allows you to monitor the charge level at all times, while the LED headlights ensure excellent visibility during your daytime and nighttime adventures.

Comfort is also important, that is why the Quad has forward and reverse gear by means of a switch, facilitating its maneuvers and turns.

And there's more! The front and rear luggage racks provide additional space to carry your treasures on every journey.

Best of all, it includes a charger for easy and fast charging, which means more fun time and less waiting time.

Technical data / information:

data label

Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer nitro engines
model Eco Torino 1000W Graffiti
motor electric motor
Maximum power 1000W
V max. 1st level 10km/h
2nd level 15km/h
3rd level 25km/h
transmission Reverse gear forward
drive Chain
Charging time 6-8 hours
Range about 15 km
battery 3x12V 12Ah (36V/12Ah)
Battery Type Lead gel 6-DZM-12
Front suspensionback 2x shock absorbers |prop
brakes 2x front disc brakes
1x front disc brakes
front tiresback 13x4.10-6 |13x4.10-6
net vehicle weight 50.4 kg
gross vehicle weight 64kg
payload 65kg
Vehicle dimensions in mm
LxWxH 1050x565x695
seat height V.Floor
handlebar width 575
Seat-foot distance 320
floor clarity
Front track gaugeback 675 |585
Center distance
Dimensions of box LxWxH in mm
LxWxH 990x565x495
color variations Yellow graffiti, Green graffiti,
Blue graffiti, Red graffiti
Product Details
Torino Cross Graffiti