Electric children's quad - 1000W
Electric children's quad - 1000W

Electric children's quad - 1000W

Quad electric and childlike power.

This children's electric quad is designed for slightly older children, able to reach a maximum speed up to 20 km/h more or less what a traditional electric scooter and has a range of up to 30 km.

It's perfect for making family field trips, be in the village or walk around the estate, you will enjoy it a lot and remember it forever.

It's got two speeds so we can adapt it to six-year-olds. Of course, it's sturdy and quality-

It is recommended to wear a helmet, at least for field trips or at high speed.

This quad is the perfect choice if you're looking for safety and quality for the little ones

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Imagine the joyful faces of the little ones as they receive the perfect gift - the Electric Quad for Children. With its striking blue color, this vehicle becomes the dream of any child seeking adventure and outdoor fun. But don't be fooled by its playful appearance, this Quad features a 1000W motor that provides enough power to enjoy an exciting and safe driving experience.

The 36W, 12Ah lead battery is capable of providing enough battery life for hours of gaming and fun. Your little drivers will be able to enjoy their electric quad without worrying about running out of power. Plus, the battery charge is quick and easy, which means you won't have to wait long to get back to new adventures in your Quad.

Safety is a priority in the design of this electric quad. With two different speeds, it adapts perfectly to the driving experience of the youngest. The first gear is ideal for those who are learning to drive and want to go slower, while the second gear offers the thrill of a higher speed.

The Quad's design is robust and safe, providing protection for your children as they enjoy the thrill of driving. The wide wheels and rear suspension provide excellent stability and control, allowing your children to have fun with confidence. In addition, the front and rear disc brakes ensure safe and effective braking, giving parents peace of mind.

In short, the Kids Electric Quad is the perfect gift for the little ones who want to enjoy the thrill of outdoor driving. With its powerful engine, long-lasting battery and two different speeds, this vehicle offers an exciting and safe driving experience for your children. Their sturdy and safe design provides protection while outdoors. Don't wait any longer and get this exciting kids' electric quad for your kids to enjoy unforgettable adventures!

Technical data sheet

Gels of 36 V or 12 Ah
Maximum speed
Disco brakes
Front and rear
Rear shock absorbers
I did
Other colours available by e-mail

Duration of the guarantee

The WARRANTY of the electric scooter as well as all its parts and components is 3 years from the delivery of the good, provided that in the course of this time the defect arising is not due to the wear of the same, as it happens in some parts of the product (chain, brakes, cabling and covers).

In the case of electric batteries and central lights, the warranty is for 6 months, and the loss of battery life as a result of ageing or incorrect charging does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Exclusions from the guarantee

Patilandia shall not be liable, resulting in the loss of the guarantee on the product, if:

  • Normal use and wear of the product and its components.
  • Defects due to improper use or handling of the product.
  • Inadequate assembly. - Inadequate follow-up maintenance.
  • Installation of components, parts or accessories that are not designed or compatible with the scooter as marketed.
  • Damage or failure due to accidents, misuse, abuse or negligence.
  • Labour costs for parts replacement or conversion.
  • Use of components from other manufacturers.
  • Repair in unofficial service.
  • No presentation of purchase invoice.
  • Expiry of the guarantee.

Guarantee sheet

Patilandia offers through its manufacturers, a shielded guarantee of 3 years, less on its electronic components such as batteries or power plants, whose guarantee is only 6 months. Remember that any vehicle powered by a gasoline or electric motor requires regular maintenance to prevent major damage. If these checks are not carried out, the vehicle is excluded from the warranty and its validity is lost.

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